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Bug #1310069 reported by Joshua Panter on 2014-04-19
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There is no preferences dialogue in 2.6.2?? Is this on purpose? It's great to be able to turn on and off the screensaver through the caffeine applet, but the real beauty of caffeine was in it's ability to automatically perform this function in accordance to certain programs launching.

How do i access preferences in this version??

Eric Nemchik (eric-nemchik) wrote :

noticed this as well, and i agree i definitely want the ability to have screensaver automatically disable based on running processes. It makes binge watching netflix much easier ;)

Workaround: download and install the caffeine_2.5_all.deb from the website. This one works fine with 14.04.

hackel (hackel) wrote :

This would appear to have been a decision by Caffeine's new maintainer, Reuben Thomas, as indicated in the Changelog for 2.6: "Remove the ability to watch processes; applications should inhibit idleness themselves, and many now do."

Yes, we know, but the whole point of Caffeine was to make up for those bad programs which don't do this! As it is now, it's nothing more than a shortcut to disabling the screensaver.

Joshua Panter (josh.p) wrote :

The devs removed the real functionality of caffeine away from caffeine because some programs do not require caffeine. Awesome.

Benitron (benlarcher-1) wrote :

Yep, I think the preferences was the strengh of Caffeine, especially with the autostart button...

Aibara Iduas (aibaraiduas) wrote :

Just wanted to add my support to the reintroduction of Caffeine's best feature. We don't live in a perfect world where every program acts properly, and Caffeine provided a solution to that. Plus, because the user could add whatever program they wanted, they could customize exactly when a machine would fall idle.

Without the automatic inhibiting of idleness Caffeine is now useless.

Previous patch had a bug with the config not existing on start. Here's an updated version.

Agh sorry, not used to Launchpad. I didn't realize you could edit a patch from a comment. I hid the first patch comment and couldn't find how to unhide it, so I just reposted the updated one.

Eric Nemchik (eric-nemchik) wrote :

@L815 how can i apply this patch to try it?

@Eric Nemchik

Clone the repo (bzr branch lp:caffeine), and save the patch in the directory created from the clone.

You should be able to do diff -p0 < [patch file]

Then run ./bin/caffeine from the same directory

Btw, since I can't unhide my original comment, just want to note that the patch just adds a persistent option. Probably better to use an older version as Martin suggested if you want the original features, or wait if the devs decide to bring them back.

Reuben Thomas (rrt) wrote :

There are no prefs in Caffeine 2.6 and later. Instead, it activates when the active window is full screen. If you want to disable the screensaver, full-screen your window.

Changed in caffeine:
status: New → Won't Fix
Aibara Iduas (aibaraiduas) wrote :

Automatically disabling the screenaver when an program is full-screen is nice since it requires no setup at all, but what happens if you don't want to watch a video full-screen (e.g. the resolution isn't so great)? Why not also include a preferences menu?

Eric Nemchik (eric-nemchik) wrote :

@rrt that decision limits user choice quite a bit.

My main use of caffeine is Netflix in chrome using pipelight, and YouTube. As I'm sure many people will agree, full screen YouTube is sometimes a pain and results in poor viewing quality and bad experience. Also in my case (and in sure some others) with a crappy graphics cards and slow processor, Netflix barely runs through pipelight in the browser, and full screen degrades performance even more.

I definitely think automatic caffeine during full screen is a great feature and should be available, but why not include it as an option to the already existing options in 2.5 and keep the other options?

Detecting plugplay.exe to keep my screensaver off only when I'm playing Netflix is almost my only use for caffeine...

Sean Fenton (bobodod) wrote :

Created a bug report that makes this a feature request: 1321750

heynnema (heynnema) wrote :

I think that for most of us, caffiene's (prior) ability to manually select apps to look for, was the defining reason to use caffiene. Removing this feature was a mistake. Please consider fixing bugs, adding features, and NOT removing features.

Cheers, Al

Filip Dorosz (fihufil) wrote :

Or one can simply fullscreen browser.
For me this update is good.

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