Comment 24 for bug 710410

Michael Foord пишет:
> One possible approach would be to store the repr of the string. This
> will escape quotes and so avoids the problem. You then use the
> "string_escape" codec to unescape again.
> This would also escape newlines, so would turn strings into a single
> line. If you still want them to be human readable then you could
> manually replace "\n" with a newline in the escaped string and reverse
> this before unescaping.
> e.g. to write:
> value = repr(the_real_value).replace('\\n', '\n')
> and to read:
> the_real_value = value.replace('\n', '\\n').decode('string_escape')

Thank you, Michael.

But actually for our purpose to store arbitrary non-ascii text we need
'unicode-escape' codec, I think. We can use this approach in QBzr
library that has the code to trigger this bug. Although for QBzr it
means we have to break backward compatibility with older QBzr versions.

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