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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1691419: bzr does not build reproducibly Undecided Confirmed 169 weeks

From: Bernhard M. Wiedemann
Link: bzr-doc-timestamp.patch


Bug #1089352: bzr branch does not support SNI High In Progress 226 weeks

From: Charles
Link: badcheck.patch


Bug #1158229: Errno 22 on seek in pack operation Undecided New 386 weeks

From: Bob Wansink
Link: errno22.diff

unidiff of (slow) workaround

Bug #77744: win32 bzr is confused by filename case changes High Confirmed 399 weeks

From: Aleksandr Smyshliaev
Link: bug77744.patch


Bug #754539: Spurious characters displayed by bzr-git Medium Triaged 459 weeks

From: Jelmer Vernooij
Link: note.diff


Bug #832257: test_osutils fails because /dev/null may be a symlink Medium Confirmed 468 weeks

From: Igor Pashev
Link: test-dev-null-is-symlink.patch

Used os.path.realpath

Bug #788015: The base64 credential store is missing Low Confirmed 481 weeks

From: Florian Dorn
Link: Base64CredentialStore.patch


Bug #747958: values given to make_log_request_dict are overridden Medium Confirmed 489 weeks

From: Thomi Richards
Link: bzrlib.log.levels_bug.patch


Bug #670159: bzrlib patch processor has unchecked iteration Medium Confirmed 510 weeks

From: Chris Lewis
Link: bzrpatch.txt


Bug #172383: [master] can't cope with NFD Unicode normalization on Mac OS X Medium Confirmed 525 weeks

From: Mitsuhiro Koga
Link: normalized_unicode_filename.bundle


Bug #585126: sendbranchmail with lp:~vcs-imports/linux/trunk is eating memory High Confirmed 533 weeks

From: Tim Penhey
Link: branch-job.diff

__repr__ method for BranchJobDerived

Bug #507553: Overlapping autopacks can fail with NoSuchFile on index file Low Confirmed 552 weeks

From: Gareth White
Link: patch.txt


Bug #389745: hg webserver breaks bzr format detection Medium Confirmed 568 weeks

From: Jelmer Vernooij

Bug #411068: TreeTransform assumes whole tree is on one filesystem; gives "invalid cross-device link" Low Confirmed 568 weeks

From: Denis Golovan
Link: cross-partition.patch

Patch for 1.17/1.18

Bug #421845: bzr check fails on valid stacked repository isolated from fallbacks. Medium Confirmed 571 weeks

From: Andrew Bennetts
Link: expose-check-bug.diff


Bug #403766: bzr ls should have alias bzr dir for windows Wishlist Confirmed 577 weeks

From: Tim Powell
Link: adddir.patch

Patch to add dir as alias to cmd_ls

Bug #159589: LockContention just says "(remote lock)" not a useful url Low Confirmed 596 weeks

From: Martin Pool
Link: 20090311-lockcontention.diff


Bug #302593: Reading options for a branch from locations.conf fails with bzr+ssh Medium Confirmed 611 weeks

From: Jeroen Hoekx
Link: config.patch

Change chroot urls into a filesystem path.

Bug #289268: can't set a default external diff program Medium Confirmed 616 weeks

From: pdf23ds
Link: merge_options_changes.patch

adds an INI option for default argument to --using

Bug #250826: should rewrite bin script when installed to a non-standard location so it can be run without specifying PYTHONPATH Medium Confirmed 629 weeks

From: Dan Watkins
Link: 250826.1.patch

Create a wrapper script on install

Bug #242915: bzr commit: show a list of changed files in the message part of the editor Wishlist Confirmed 633 weeks

From: Markus Korn
Link: 242915.diff


Bug #185224: per-file message support into server: common config check {patch} Medium Confirmed 655 weeks

From: Chad Miller
Link: f

patch to

Bug #159021: Unknown branch format if line endings are modified Low Confirmed 667 weeks

From: Jaap Karssenberg
Link: line_ending_error.patch

pseudo code patch to add a more verbose error

Bug #109124: test_mkdir_permissions and test_sftp_server_modes depend break when setgid option set on a parent directory Low Confirmed 672 weeks

From: Ali Polatel
Link: bzr-0.90-tests-sgid.patch


Bug #134796: 'bzr deleted' and 'bzr renames' commands inconsistant with output from 'bzr status' Wishlist Confirmed 677 weeks

From: kevinkrouse
Link: C:\cygwin\kevinkr\src\bazaar\bzr.134796-rename-commands\bzr-134796.patch


Bug #3780: 'bzr ignore' in subdirectory should prepend relative path Medium Confirmed 721 weeks

From: Richard Wilbur
Link: patch_bug3780.txt

Fixes bug 3780 at base revision 2071, impl. use cases 1-3

Bug #48444: Symlinks to repository branches don't work Medium Confirmed 740 weeks

From: David Allouche
Link: relpath-symlink.patch


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