Comment 5 for bug 893470

Neil Martinsen-Burrell (nmb) wrote :

For colocated branches, I think the question is whether or not the working tree and its reference to the branch should count as an entry in list_branches. If I did "bzr init --development-colo file:test,branch=trunk" then I would be very surprised if "bzr branches" listed trunk twice.

The code that tests list_branches in blacbox/, which actually has a working tree, uses set(list_branches()) presumably to eliminate order dependency, but it also obscures any possible repeats. In bzrlib/tests/per_branch/ there are no working trees and similarly in bzrlib/tests/per_controldir/ test_list_branches and bzrlib/tests/per_controldir_colo/test_supported:test_unicode. I think that my original code excerpt could be added as a failing test.