Comment 4 for bug 786980

Andrew Bennetts (spiv) wrote :

Jelmer: ITYM meant InterBranch.pull. Anyway I agree, or perhaps differently escaped versions of the same URL (e.g. ~ vs. %7E). Henning also reported this on IRC, with these details:

 * Error: ReadOnlyError: A write attempt was made in a read only transaction on RemoteBranch(bzr+ssh://
 * bzr info excerpt: checkout of branch: bzr+ssh://

So same URL, different escaping. His original pastes are <> and <>.

On the other hand, the bzr info also said this:

  parent branch: bzr+ssh://

Which is a different URL that happens to be an alias for the same location — but only the server knows that. It would be good to know the exact value of self.source.user_url and bound_location in that traceback. Perhaps an affected person could run bzr with BZR_PDB=1 set in their environment and find out?