bzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'Inter1and2Helper' object has no attribute 'source_repo'

Bug #539681 reported by Angel Guzman Maeso on 2010-03-16
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Bug Description

C:\Documents and Settings\shakaran\Escritorio\tivion>bzr upgrade --2a lp:~shakaran/tivion/trunk
Connected (version 2.0, client Twisted)
Authentication (publickey) successful!
Secsh channel 1 opened.
starting upgrade of bzr+ssh://
making backup of bzr+ssh://
  to bzr+ssh://
starting repository conversion
bzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'Inter1and2Helper' object has no attribute 'source_repo'

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "bzrlib\commands.pyo", line 853, in exception_to_return_code
  File "bzrlib\commands.pyo", line 1055, in run_bzr
  File "bzrlib\commands.pyo", line 661, in run_argv_aliases
  File "bzrlib\commands.pyo", line 665, in run_direct
  File "bzrlib\cleanup.pyo", line 122, in run_simple
  File "bzrlib\cleanup.pyo", line 156, in _do_with_cleanups
  File "bzrlib\builtins.pyo", line 3249, in run
  File "bzrlib\upgrade.pyo", line 86, in upgrade
  File "bzrlib\upgrade.pyo", line 40, in __init__
  File "bzrlib\upgrade.pyo", line 80, in convert
  File "bzrlib\bzrdir.pyo", line 3046, in convert
  File "bzrlib\repository.pyo", line 4118, in convert
  File "bzrlib\repository.pyo", line 1549, in copy_content_into
  File "bzrlib\decorators.pyo", line 194, in write_locked
  File "bzrlib\repository.pyo", line 3413, in copy_content
  File "bzrlib\repository.pyo", line 1704, in fetch
  File "bzrlib\decorators.pyo", line 194, in write_locked
  File "bzrlib\repository.pyo", line 3432, in fetch
  File "bzrlib\fetch.pyo", line 83, in __init__
  File "bzrlib\fetch.pyo", line 109, in __fetch
  File "bzrlib\fetch.pyo", line 137, in _fetch_everything_for_search
  File "bzrlib\repository.pyo", line 4274, in insert_stream
  File "bzrlib\repository.pyo", line 4303, in _locked_insert_stream
  File "bzrlib\repository.pyo", line 4512, in get_stream
  File "bzrlib\repository.pyo", line 4481, in _generate_root_texts
  File "bzrlib\fetch.pyo", line 257, in generate_root_texts
AttributeError: 'Inter1and2Helper' object has no attribute 'source_repo'

bzr 2.1.0rc1 on python 2.5.4 (Windows-XP-5.1.2600-SP3)
arguments: ['bzr', 'upgrade', '--2a', 'lp:~shakaran/tivion/trunk']
encoding: 'cp1252', fsenc: 'mbcs', lang: None
  bzrtools C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar\plugins\bzrtools [2.1.0b1]
  explorer C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar\plugins\explorer [0.11.2]
  launchpad C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar\plugins\launchpad [2.1.0rc1]
  netrc_credential_store C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar\plugins\netrc_credential_store [2.1.0rc1]
  qbzr C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar\plugins\qbzr [0.18.0]
  rebase C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar\plugins\rebase [0.5.5]
  svn C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar\plugins\svn [1.0.1]
  upload C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar\plugins\upload [1.0.0dev]
  xmloutput C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar\plugins\xmloutput [0.8.5]

*** Bazaar has encountered an internal error. This probably indicates a
    bug in Bazaar. You can help us fix it by filing a bug report at
    including this traceback and a description of the problem.


C:\Documents and Settings\shakaran\Escritorio\tivion>bzr --version
Bazaar (bzr) 2.1.0rc1
  Python interpreter: C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar\python25.dll 2.5.4
  Python standard library: C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar\lib\
  Platform: Windows-XP-5.1.2600-SP3
  bzrlib: C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar\lib\\bzrlib
  Bazaar configuration: C:\Documents and Settings\shakaran\Datos de programa\bazaar\2.0
  Bazaar log file: C:\Documents and Settings\shakaran\Mis documentos\.bzr.log

Martin Pool (mbp) wrote :

This was fixed in 2.1.0final

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