MYSQL/BZR P3: Python-based Windows installers are not available for python2.6

Bug #345998 reported by Dragomir Minkovski on 2009-03-20
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Core bug: There are no python2.6 python-based installers. There should be.


This is a Sun/MySQL - Canonical escalation imported into Launchpad by the Canonical Support Team (SF case #4179 )
Original escalation: 20/03/2009 13:15 EST
I'm asking Guilhem to determine the priority of the bug, for now it's P3

1) python-based bzr installers are critical for MySQL because the standalone Windows installer prevents using bzr-gtk; that's what I had observed a year ago and it is still mentioned in : with the standalone installer "You can use most of the Bazaar plugins ( /!\ excluding some GUI plugins)".
2) At there are
bzr 1.13-1 python2.4 installer
bzr 1.13-1 python2.5 installer
but no python-2.6 installer. I tried using the python-2.5 bzr installer on a Windows system having python 2.6 for x86, the bzr installer failed (some error message which I forgot, was a few weeks ago). As says:
"The current production versions are Python 2.6.1 and Python 3.0.1"
so that's what people will install by default today.
3) As using Python 2.6 wouldn't work with the bzr installer, I installed Python 2.5.4 for AMD64 (my Windows is 64-bit); the python-2.5 bzr installer didn't find Python and refused that I enter python's location (impossible to type the path in the relevant box), so I had to resort to installing Python 2.5.4 for x86 instead.
4) conclusion: there are some fixes to do :) Thanks!

@dragomir Is there any objection to making this public?

summary: - MYSQL/BZR P3: Python-based Windows installers have issues
+ MYSQL/BZR P3: Python-based Windows installers are not available for
+ python2.6 and don't work with amd64 python2.5.4
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Dragomir Minkovski (dejuren) wrote :

Not from my side, but I don't know what is Guilhem thinking of that. I'll ask him now.

GuilhemBichot (guilhem-bichot) wrote :

you can make it public

GuilhemBichot (guilhem-bichot) wrote :

A related question: for Windows, the download page pushes people to pick the default, standalone installer:
- offers "default installer" vs "other options" (which are the python-based ones)
- says "This is the best choice for Bazaar users on Windows"; whereas Python-based ones are marked "Alternative".
But, when I tested the standalone installer a year ago, bzr-gtk didn't work with it, and it's still mentioned in "You can use most of the Bazaar plugins ( /!\ excluding some GUI plugins)".
So I don't understand: the pages are pushing for using an installer which is incompatible with such a widely used GUI plugin as bzr-gtk (we all use it at MySQL)? What is the idea around this? That people normally shouldn't be using bzr-gtk under Windows?
Is there a simple way to make bzr-gtk work with the default installer? is that already fixed? in the plans?

Martin Pool (mbp) on 2009-06-18
tags: added: packaging win32
Martin Pool (mbp) wrote :

To detangle the various aspects here:

 * It's hard to know which installer to use and bzr-gtk doesn't work with the recommended one: I split this to bug 388790.

 * There are no python2.6-based installers. There should be. I don't know if there is a problem in building them there. I'm going to say that's the kernel of this particular bug report.

 * You cannot use the python-based installer with a 64-bit python. I think this is the same as bug 331342. I believe it's a technology limitation that we can't ship extensions which will work with both 64-bit and 32-bit Python builds. At present we only ship for 32-bit Python, and you can install 32-bit python on a 64-bit Windows, as you did. It would be nice to accommodate 64-bit python by either shipping a separate package or one package built for both.

description: updated
summary: MYSQL/BZR P3: Python-based Windows installers are not available for
- python2.6 and don't work with amd64 python2.5.4
+ python2.6
John A Meinel (jameinel) wrote :

I think the primary issue with a 2.6 installer is that the compiler used to build *python* changed from VS 2003 (v7) to VS 2008 (v9). I don't know whether using Mingw works in both cases or not.

Certainly I can try at a start to just add a python26 target along with the existing 2.4 and 2.5 targets and see what happens.

John A Meinel (jameinel) wrote :

So it seems that doing:
$ cat Python26/Lib/distutils/*.cfg
compiler = mingw32

Was sufficient to tell it to use mingw32 to build the python installer. (Without that it tried to use VS9 which might have worked, but would have required setting up zlib headers, etc. Might still try it that way).

Anyway, see:

Which I used to build the 2.6 installers for bzr-1.16

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John A Meinel (jameinel) on 2009-06-19
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