Comment 7 for bug 328181

baxissimo (wbaxter) wrote :

> actually better to move svn out of the plugins directory....

Well this "workaround" disables svn integration, right? That's kinda like how amputation is a workaround for RSI.

But anyway, I just ran into this problem too, but for me the error seems to go away after rebooting.

But my sequence of steps was actually (from a working 1.11 install)
1. Install
2. See the error about not finding the __collate function in MSVCRT.dll
3. Get annoyed
4. Reinstall [without rebooting!]
5. Still see an odd error about subverpy (though slightly different)
6. Reboot
7. Try "bzr --version" and see a "Bazaar (bzr) 1.12" message appear without any error.

So I'm not sure what happened there with the attempt to install 1.11, but after a reboot I now have what seems to be a working 1.12 install.