bzr can't create a branch via sftp

Bug #278303 reported by TAC one on 2008-10-04
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Bug Description

I can't branch a repository on a remote directory.

bzr branch /home/tacone/tmp/my-repo sftp://tacone@localhost/home/tacone/mybranch
creates an empty directory with .bzr in it, but no other files. further pull/merge attempts in that dir will fail. Am I missing something ?

bzr pull /home/tacone/tmp/my-repo --directory sftp://tacone@localhost/home/tacone/mybranch
doesn't give any error message, and seemingly update the branch to the last revision. But no project files are written.

bzr merge /home/tacone/tmp/my-repo --directory sftp://tacone@localhost/home/tacone/mybranch
complains about the directory not having a checkout.

Bazaar (bzr) 1.7.1
  Python interpreter: /usr/bin/python 2.5.2
  Python standard library: /usr/lib/python2.5
  bzrlib: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib
  Bazaar configuration: /home/tacone/.bazaar
  Bazaar log file: /home/tacone/.bzr.log

TAC one (tacone) on 2008-10-04
description: updated
Matthew Fuller (fullermd) wrote :

The underlying "bug" here is that there's no support for remote working trees. While a case could possibly be made that there should be, there are a lot of unpleasant issues to deal with in trying to do so, and AFAIK there isn't any expectation that it will ever be attempted, so I'm marking this Won't Fix.

Changed in bzr:
status: New → Won't Fix
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