Comment 4 for bug 1579093

Vincent Ladeuil (vila) wrote :

> There's some crazy paramiko version testing that determines whether prefetch is called at all.

Yup, dating from when prefetch was introduced in paramiko, clearly more confusing than relevant theses days.

> Maybe another test is in order.

I was hoping for paramiko to not break backwards compatibility:

Too bad I only discover the above issue (with a proper fix) today (I think this came up from debian but can't find the relevant discussion anymore) :-/

If I'm reading this correctly, paramiko 1.16.2 will fix the compatibility issue.

>> @Chad: which ubuntu release ?
> Which release of what? You mean perhaps "yakkety"?
Yeah, I meant ubuntu but checked with rmadison afterwards:
 python-paramiko | 1.16.0-1 | xenial | all
 python-paramiko | 1.16.0-1 | yakkety | all

Which would mean paramiko was able to enter xenial despite dep8 tests that should have caught that regression :-/

Anyway, in the mean time, as a workaround, you may be able to bzr+ssh instead of sftp (which is inherently slower) ?