Comment 15 for bug 82693

On Fri, 2009-04-17 at 00:18 +0000, James Westby wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-04-17 at 00:01 +0000, Robert Collins wrote:
> > so when you export, export to a subdir of the temporary directory; then
> > set the env when you invoke the sub process.
> Well, not really. That would work fine if the test plugin were for
> testing bzr plugins, but it is supposed to be more generic than that.

It is configured by config options though, so surely you can set that
per trunk.

> A similar issue comes up for running the test suite of a plugin while
> building the debian package of it, I have tried to crack this problem
> before for that and failed to get something that works in all the
> ways that it needs to.

bzr plugin-info may help.