Comment 11 for bug 81463

Jelmer Vernooij wrote:

> The problematic thing for bzr-svn at the moment is the fact that
> .bzrrules is versioned as part of the revision tree.

OTOH, access to it is isolated by a new API that I've got a
patch up for - get_special_file. bzr-svn *could* reimplement that
to load/save the data somewhere more private I guess. Keep in mind
though that the driving reason for putting it in the tree is to
ease merging, etc.

> The .bzrrules files would end up in Subversion, potentially annoying
> other Subversion users like bzr-svn file properties have done in the
> past.

Maybe. A simply workaround is to add .bzrrules to .svnignore?

> .bzrrules describes the whole tree, and that will affect the performance
> of per-file access since generating .bzrrules on the fly requires bzr-
> svn to query every single file in the tree in svn.

I'd strongly recommend against generating this on the fly each and every
time. Instead, I'd suggest a workflow where a new command generates it
once and it is manually maintained after that. It's not perfect but it's
the sort of compromise necessary using multiple tools on the one tree IMO.

Ian C.