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Bug #1260700: get_ancestry call removed in bzr 2.6 not updated for plugin Undecided New 69 weeks

From: Tomasz Drozda
Link: push_and_update.patch


Bug #602167: TypeError: wrapped_note() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) High Confirmed 415 weeks

From: Andrew Schulman
Link: TypeError.patch


Bug #360521: Warning about working trees not updating not suppressed Medium Fix Committed 417 weeks

From: Andrew Schulman
Link: trace.warning.patch

intercept trace.warning instead of trace.note

Bug #176443: push and update does not work if the user does not have ssh, for example on Windows, where they might have plink High Triaged 542 weeks

From: Rolly
Link: pandu_win32_plink.patch

patch against revision 10

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