Comment 3 for bug 494140

David Roberts (smartgpx) wrote :

I'm out of my depth here, in several different areas.

1. I thought I had pushed a later revison to the location linked as a merge propose branch from the LP bzr-gtk page. But LP returns an error message rather than serving the branch. Should I delete it from LP and try again?

2. re: performance on platforms with better versions of pygtk. Putting in a check to see if a function is present is clearly going to be a performance hit compared with not doing the check. At run-time I don't see a way round that - either we check even though for most people it's a time-waster, or for some people there is a run-time error. Maybe the work-around is to make it a build-time option?

3. However... noone has marked this bug 'Affects me too' or logged a duplicate. Maybe the cost of a fix outweighs the benefits? So I'm content to simply run this as a local fork for my own benefit and leave the released version alone. There can't be very many bzr users wanting to struggle with an under-supported OS on a netbook with a 7" screen!