Comment 2 for bug 494140

On Wed, 2009-12-09 at 10:56 +0000, David Roberts wrote:
> gtk.link_button_set_uri_hook is referenced in
> gtk.Action.set_tool_item_type is referenced in viz/
> These are PyGtk 2.10 innovations. debian-etch supplies PyGtk 2.8.6-8
> Both uses appear to be 'cosmetic' - they do not seem to set up or
> manipulate objects that the code later relies upon.
> As a workaround - to prove that the remainder of the code runs
> successfully - simply commenting out these references seems to be
> effective. But I don't have enough knowledge of python, gtk or the bzr-
> gtk codebase to know whether there are unacceptable consequences to
> this.
> 'Proof of concept' branch proposed for merge to encourage discussion.
To not degrade the functionality on platforms that do have newer
versions of pytgtk, we should check if those functions are present
before we call them.

David, where is your attached branch? Could you perhaps update it to
include these checks?

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