Comment 7 for bug 948268

Gordon Tyler:
> environment variables always override an application's configuration
Well, I wouldn't say so. I would agree if you say "an application's
default". So programs would /prefer/ the language that the system is
using (but without the need to restrict to this language).

I use my system configured to my local language. And I use some programs
that have multi-language support. I expect them to use my local language
if they have a translation for it. Or else, they might use their default
(usually english).

But, if I manually change the program's language configuration I must
expect that it disobeys the enviroment variable from there on, or else
is pointless that it has a "language configuration". Don't you agree
with this?

Few programs that I use that work like this: Open Office, Thunderbird,

Or I would only have one "big" system wide configuration (without more