bos02-arm64-018 builds arm64, armel, and armhf binaries and is owned by William Grant.

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31343236 [building] Building arm64 build of go-tip snap package (go) in ubuntu bionic-updates

Started 19 minutes, 46.7 seconds ago.


ok go/importer 0.531s
ok go/internal/gccgoimporter 0.067s
ok go/internal/gcimporter 24.675s
ok go/internal/srcimporter 16.572s
ok go/parser 0.140s
ok go/printer 0.828s
ok go/scanner 0.042s
ok go/token 0.079s
ok go/types 10.115s
ok hash 0.030s
ok hash/adler32 0.051s
ok hash/crc32 0.059s
ok hash/crc64 0.026s
ok hash/fnv 0.056s
ok hash/maphash 0.217s
ok html 0.020s
ok html/template 0.558s
ok image 0.220s
ok image/color 0.076s
ok image/draw 0.267s
ok image/gif 1.013s
ok image/jpeg 0.539s
ok image/png 0.239s
ok index/suffixarray 0.626s
ok internal/abi 0.326s
ok internal/buildcfg 0.017s
ok internal/cpu 0.061s
ok internal/execabs 0.011s
ok internal/fmtsort 0.031s
ok internal/fuzz 0.038s
ok internal/godebug 0.007s
ok internal/intern 2.290s
ok internal/itoa 0.015s
ok internal/poll 0.584s
ok internal/profile 0.029s
ok internal/reflectlite 0.225s
ok internal/singleflight 0.029s
ok internal/trace 0.232s
ok internal/unsafeheader 0.035s
ok internal/xcoff 0.031s
ok io 0.078s
ok io/fs 0.045s
ok io/ioutil 0.059s
ok log 0.099s
ok log/syslog 1.280s
ok math 0.089s
ok math/big 3.496s
ok math/bits 0.026s
ok math/cmplx 0.037s
ok math/rand 0.300s
ok mime 0.048s
ok mime/multipart 0.309s
ok mime/quotedprintable 0.078s
ok net 8.527s
ok net/http 27.943s
ok net/http/cgi 1.118s
ok net/http/cookiejar 0.023s
ok net/http/fcgi 0.170s
ok net/http/httptest 0.151s
ok net/http/httptrace 0.052s
ok net/http/httputil 0.998s
ok net/http/internal 0.071s
ok net/http/internal/ascii 0.031s
ok net/http/pprof 5.272s
ok net/internal/socktest 0.013s
ok net/mail 0.046s
ok net/netip 2.604s
ok net/rpc 0.127s
ok net/rpc/jsonrpc 0.076s
ok net/smtp 0.102s
ok net/textproto 0.037s
ok net/url 0.059s
ok os 3.870s
ok os/exec 2.657s
ok os/exec/internal/fdtest 0.033s
ok os/signal 2.909s
ok os/user 0.023s
ok path 0.020s
ok path/filepath 0.134s
ok reflect 1.256s
ok regexp 0.252s
ok regexp/syntax 0.744s

Builder information

arm64 armel armhf (virtual)
William Grant
This builder is in auto-mode and accepting jobs from the auto-build system.