bos02-arm64-009 builds arm64, armel, and armhf binaries and is owned by Canonical Launchpad Engineering.

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41248039 [building] Building armhf build of snapcraft-checkbox-mir-8ac71a3ec4af95c9100f5e42cf0db0e3 snap package in ubuntu jammy-updates

Started 41 minutes, 11.4 seconds ago.


Building mir-demo-server
Building xorg
Skipping pull for mir-ci (already ran)
Skipping build for mir-ci (already ran)
Staging mir-ci (required to build 'graphics-core')
Skipping pull for bits (already ran)
Skipping build for bits (already ran)
Staging bits (required to build 'graphics-core')
Skipping pull for mir-demo-server (already ran)
Skipping build for mir-demo-server (already ran)
Staging mir-demo-server (required to build 'graphics-core')
Skipping pull for xorg (already ran)
Skipping build for xorg (already ran)
Staging xorg (required to build 'graphics-core')
Skipping pull for anon-shm-preload (already ran)
Skipping build for anon-shm-preload (already ran)
Staging anon-shm-preload (required to build 'graphics-core')
Skipping pull for glue (already ran)
Skipping build for glue (already ran)
Staging glue (required to build 'graphics-core')
Building graphics-core
:: + cp --archive --link --no-dereference . /build/snapcraft-checkbox-mir-8ac71a3ec4af95c9100f5e42cf0db0e3/parts/graphics-core/install
Building launchers
:: + cp --archive --link --no-dereference . /build/snapcraft-checkbox-mir-8ac71a3ec4af95c9100f5e42cf0db0e3/parts/launchers/install
Skipping stage for anon-shm-preload (already ran)
Skipping stage for bits (already ran)
Staging checkbox-provider-mir
Skipping stage for glue (already ran)
Staging gnome/sdk
Skipping stage for mir-ci (already ran)
Skipping stage for mir-demo-server (already ran)
Skipping stage for xorg (already ran)
Staging graphics-core
Staging launchers
Priming anon-shm-preload
Priming bits
Priming checkbox-provider-mir
Priming glue
Priming gnome/sdk
Priming mir-ci
Priming mir-demo-server
Priming xorg
Priming graphics-core
:: + craftctl default
:: + /build/snapcraft-checkbox-mir-8ac71a3ec4af95c9100f5e42cf0db0e3/parts/graphics-core/src/bin/graphics-core22-cleanup mesa-core22 nvidia-core22
:: cat: /build/snapcraft-checkbox-mir-8ac71a3ec4af95c9100f5e42cf0db0e3/parts/graphics-core/src/lists/nvidia-core22.armhf.list: No such file or directory

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arm64 armel armhf (virtual)
Canonical Launchpad Engineering
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