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A bug report in Launchpad can be linked to a bug report in any of these bug trackers. The status of the external bug report is shown in Launchpad, and Launchpad subscribers are notified when the external status changes.

30013001 of 3076 trackers
Title Location Linked Projects Type Watches
zssh Bugs zssh SourceForge or SourceForge derivative 0
30013001 of 3076 trackers

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Inactive bug trackers

131 of 31 trackers
Title Location Linked Projects Type Watches
xxx ACPI support not a bugtracker Mantis 6 Bugzilla 5 Trac 1 Trac 1 Bugzilla 4 Bugzilla 5 Bugzilla 11 Bugzilla 1 Bugzilla 1 Bugzilla 1 Coherence Trac 3 Trac 5 Bugzilla 1 Trac 4
xx offline 'Bug tracker at' NVDA Bugzilla 37 Trac 1 hellanzb Trac 3
Emesene Trac Trac 7 Bugzilla Bugzilla 1
Mandriva Linux Bugzilla 183
Meego libsynthesis, MeeGo, ofono Bugzilla 24
Mochikit Trac Mochikit Trac 2
Nuxeo Trac FunkLoad Trac 1
OpenNebula bugs OpenNebula Trac 1
OSAF Bugzilla Chandler, PyICU Bugzilla 5
Psycopg Bugs Trac 3
Ruby on Rails Trac Ruby on Rails Trac 2 Tracker acidrip, AlsaModularSynth, Amanda SourceForge or SourceForge derivative 2322
Pootle or Translate Toolkit bugs Bugzilla 1
Xen Bugzilla xen Bugzilla 9
xx obsolete mid tracker Bugzilla 6
131 of 31 trackers