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32263300 of 3413 trackers
Title Location Linked Projects Type Watches
Rudder Redmine Haoka Server, Rudder Bugzilla 0
GitHub Return To The Roots Bug Tracker Return To The Roots GitHub Issues 0
Sacix Trac Trac 0
SAGA GIS bugs SAGA GIS SourceForge or SourceForge derivative 0
SAGE Trac Nagios Trac 2
SahanaPy Trac Trac 4
SailFin Issues SailFin Bugzilla 0
sailfish-dict bugtracker sailfish-dict GitHub Issues 0
Samba Bugzilla samba, talloc, The Samba Project Bugzilla 362
Sapo Messenger Trac Trac 1
Satorii on Google Code satorii - a minimalist theme for wordpress Google Code 0
GNU Savannah Bug Tracker FreeType, Gnocky, gnokii Savane 181
Non-GNU Savannah Bug Tracker crack-attack, GChemPaint, GNOME Chemistry Utils Savane 44
savonet trac Liquidsoap Trac 0
saws-googlecode-bugs Save as WebSite Google Code 0
shroudBNC Bug Tracker Mantis 1
SchoolCAP BugTracker SchoolCAP SourceForge or SourceForge derivative 0
Scilab bugtracker Scilab Bugzilla 21
SciPy Bugs SciPy Trac 4
Scons Bugtracker SCons Bugzilla 3
ScoPy Issues on GitHub scopy GitHub Issues 0
Scribus Mantis Bug Tracker Scribus Mantis 27
Bugs for scriptutils Trac 0
Seamly2D github issues tracker Seamly2D GitHub Issues 0
Searchmonkey Bugs Searchmonkey Trac 0
SecretStorage SecretStorage GitHub Issues 0
Selenium Selenium Google Code 5
Sentinella bugs Sentinella SourceForge or SourceForge derivative 0
setuptools Roundup python-setuptools Roundup 17
SF bug tracker SourceForge or SourceForge derivative 0
SGI Open Source Bugzilla XFS Bugzilla 6
Shinken Bugs Shinken Trac 0
SHR Bug Tracker FFalarms, meta-smartphone, pyphonelog Trac 0
Synthetic Intellect Institute Tasks Speech Control, The Wintermute Project, Wintermute SDK Bugzilla 0
SIPp SIPp GitHub Issues 0
Sir bug tracker Sir Google Code 0
Support Incident Tracker SiT! Mantis 0
dotSkapes dotskapes Trac 0
skia bugs in google code skia Google Code 0
Skychart bug tracker Skychart Mantis 0
problem to launch skype in the menu bar http://skype Trac 0
The Sleuth Kit Sleuthkit SourceForge or SourceForge derivative 0
Slony-I Bugzilla Slony-I Bugzilla 2
Sly tracker SourceForge or SourceForge derivative 0
Simple Machine Forums Mantis 0
snapd GitHub Issues 2
SocialMe Trac SocialMe Trac 0
Songbird Bugzilla Songbird Bugzilla 9
G-OS Sourceforge Bugs G-OS SourceForge or SourceForge derivative 0
bug Skyeye Bugzilla 0
sourceforge-trac-crypto++ Crypto++ Trac 1 Bugzilla GLibC Bugzilla 353
Bugs in SoX Sox SourceForge or SourceForge derivative 0
SpamAssassin Bugzilla SpamAssassin Bugzilla 16
[needs-packaging] spatialite-gui Bugzilla 0 SpEC Trac 0
Sphinx Search Bugs Sphinx Search Mantis 0
Spicebird Bugzilla Spicebird Bugzilla 0
Bugs for Spyder IDE spyderlib Google Code 0
sqlcl-package @ GitHub Issues sqlcl-package GitHub Issues 0
sqldeveloper-package @ GitHub Issues sqldeveloper-package GitHub Issues 0
Squeak GStreamer Issue Tracker squeak-gstreamer Google Code 0
Squeak Mantis Mantis 3
Squid Bugzilla Squid Bugzilla 58 Google Code 1
STK bug tracker SuperTuxKart GitHub Issues 0
strongSwan Trac Trac 0
Subversion Issue Tracker subversion Bugzilla 16
Sudo Bugzilla sudo Bugzilla 13
sugar2openerp-bug PHP Project Bugtracker 0
SugarLabs Tracker Sugar, Turtle Blocks, Sugar Labs Trac 21
JDK Distros Project Sun Java Bugzilla 11
Surna Bug Tracker Geospatial Complex Event Processing Engine Mantis 0
Survex Trac Survex Trac 0
Swapspace Trac Swapspace Trac 0
32263300 of 3413 trackers

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Inactive bug trackers

131 of 31 trackers
Title Location Linked Projects Type Watches
xxx ACPI support not a bugtracker Mantis 6 Bugzilla 5 Trac 1 Trac 1 Bugzilla 4 Bugzilla 5 Bugzilla 11 Bugzilla 1 Bugzilla 1 Bugzilla 1 Coherence Trac 3 Trac 5 Bugzilla 1 Trac 4
xx offline 'Bug tracker at' NVDA Bugzilla 37 Trac 1 hellanzb Trac 3
Emesene Trac Trac 7 Bugzilla Bugzilla 1
Mandriva Linux Bugzilla 183
Meego libsynthesis, MeeGo, ofono Bugzilla 24
Mochikit Trac Mochikit Trac 2
Nuxeo Trac FunkLoad Trac 1
OpenNebula bugs OpenNebula Trac 1
OSAF Bugzilla Chandler, PyICU Bugzilla 5
Psycopg Bugs Trac 3
Ruby on Rails Trac Ruby on Rails Trac 2 Tracker acidrip, AlsaModularSynth, Amanda SourceForge or SourceForge derivative 2321
Pootle or Translate Toolkit bugs Bugzilla 1
Xen Bugzilla xen Bugzilla 9
xx obsolete mid tracker Bugzilla 6
131 of 31 trackers