Comment 10 for bug 1652713

i have looked up the graphics card you have - its an integrated Q35 express
chipset - approx 13 or more years old!

I strongly suspect Mutter - which is the display manager - is falling back
to software rendering. Such an old graphics chipset as you have noticed
struggles with modern desktops. Probably better to look for a fairly cheap
nvidia card - look at the compatibility list on the nvidia 375 series
graphics driver

As long as the keyboard doesnt have lots and lots of specialised keyboard
controls - all of those should work with linux. Hate to say it - Google is
your friend ... if others have seen these work with any linux in the last
few years you should be more confident than just buying blind!


On 28 Dec 2016 08:50, "Johnny Rogers" <email address hidden> wrote:

> Hi again, sorry for late reply, just been a busy day yesterday... And
> alright regarding the swap size and etc. When I reinstalled the 2nd time
> I just left the installer choose the recommended sizes for the
> partitions and such.
> Regarding drivers, there's no graphics card installed, just basic
> ViewSonic VA903mb 19" monitor (VGA) resolution 1280x1024. The only thing
> listed under "Software & Updates" > Additional Drivers panel is
> "Unknown:Unknown
> This device is not working.
> Using Processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUs from intel-microcode
> (proprietary)
> Do not use the device
> The last one "Do not use the device" was selected by default. So I'm not
> sure which drivers I would need for the monitor or not, but don't
> believe I would need drivers for it.. Lol.
> Just curious, you know of any decent wireless keyboard & mouse combos
> with unifying receiver that work good with Linux but 25.00 or under?
> lmao... I was looking at maybe 4 or 5 so far...
> Logitech MK270
> Logitech MK320
> Logitech MK520
> HP Wireless Classic Desktop Keyboard and mouse LV290AA#ABA
> Was going by list here:
> Only have 25.00 to play with currently, sucks I know.. But tired of the
> wired mouse and keyboard.. Ugh. Off to bed, thanks for help and replies.
> :)
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> Title:
> Attempted login after screenlock and it wouldn't work until rebooted
> Status in budgie-remix:
> New
> Bug description:
> Hi all, first timer with Budgie Remix, I just installed it with LVM
> encryption on whole drive along with /home folder. I ran sudo update
> and sudo dist-update and walked away for about an hour to do
> something, came back and tried logging in at login screen and it
> didn't let me through to desktop.
> I entered the password for the user account correct (as it didn't give
> me an incorrect password message), hit enter or login button and it
> acted as it was going to take me to desktop but didn't, kept me at
> login screen. I tried logging in a few times after that with correct
> password and it did the same thing each time.
> It acted as if I was going to be taken into desktop, but ended up
> right back at login screen. So I just decided to reboot/restart
> computer, got to drive encryption password screen, entered the
> password, that worked. Got to login screen again, entered password
> again and then it worked.
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