Comment 11 for bug 126911

Vincent (vincent-) wrote :

In our university lab we are setting up a hub for project developments. Trac tracks the bugs and manage the users. Bazaar and SVN would be the VCS tools (depending on the project).

The SSH does not fit our requirements since there's no matching between the SSH users and the Trac users (htpasswd file) -> not convenient at all for the management and the users.

For SVN, the solution is to use Apache+WebDAV. There is a module, "dav_svn", that permits to use apache as a smart server for svn! In addition, it allows to use fine grained permissions on a per file or per directory basis through a "authz " file.
Users are sourced from the Trac's htpasswd file.

For Bazaar over WebDAV, users can also be matched with the Trac's htpasswd file, thanks to Apache stuff. Unfortunately, WebDAV remains dumb against Bazaar :-(

In conclusion:

A great feature that could make WebDAV smarter ;-) for Bazaar: a "dav_bzr" module for Apache with the same scope as the "dav_svn" module (with authz feature and autoversioning).