Comment 21 for bug 1490347

R (cool123) wrote :

Affects 16.04 with Bluez 5.37.

For me, when I try pairing an apple keyboard or an amazon basics keyboard with my ubuntu desktop on the GNOME bluetooth UI app; I do not see the pin code displayed.

Starting bluetooth with bluetooth -d -n in debug mode; I see the pin it tries to display. If I type that pin; the bluetooth pair succeeds. But this is horrible as it requires me to peek into the bluetooth debug logs to find the pin and the gnome bluetooth pairing window doesn't display this pin code.

bluetoothd[14817]: src/agent.c:agent_display_pincode() Calling Agent.DisplayPinCode: name=:1.148, path=/org/bluez/agent/gnome, pincode=815447
bluetoothd[14817]: Agent replied with an error: org.bluez.Error.Rejected, Rejected bluetoothd generated PIN code