Comment 16 for bug 1490347

@Sebastian: No, this isn't the same as bug #1492443 (which as I read it is about failing to display the authentication prompt).

This particular bug has had me confused at times between symptoms of that issue, another issue with a BT regression in the kernel that affects some BT host adapters, and the issue here.

This issue affects mostly older 'original' Bluetooth devices (such as the Apple Wireless Keyboard A1016) that do not support BT SSP authentication but do support the original PIN-code LMP authentication method.

In this issue the BT device is expecting and can only use LMP mode but the host/bluez only supports SSP mode.

So a device supporting the SSP protocol can look to a user like it is accepting a PIN-code especially if that is how the host's user interface presents it, but the underlying protocol isn't the original BT LMP protocol.