Blueman fails to connect my Nokia 6103 to the internet - command line works

Bug #481390 reported by Steve Kroon on 2009-11-12
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Bug Description

Blueman can not connect my computer to the internet by Bluetooth with GPRS. I can do this on the command line by binding to an RFCOMM address, and then using pppd call. However, all my attempts with blueman end in failure:

Using the "Setup new device" in the applet menu, and choosing dial-up networking, I was at first told "Device added successfuly, but failed to connect". More recently (since running the applet on the command line once), I am told "Device added and connected successfully", but this is followed by a popup saying "The device Nokia 6103 does not appear to support GSM/CDMA. This connection will not work."

I also get this error about unsupported GSM/CDMA when I try to add and connect the device in some other way, but I can't reproduce it at the moment.

Once the device is added, right clicking on it, and selecting Serial Ports->Dialup Service either says "Failed" immediately in the status bar, or says "Connecting" for a while until eventually it says "Failed". On occasion it says "Success!", but then there is still no connection (nothing shows up in ifconfig, and I can't do anything over the network).

zybernav (guybrush115) wrote :

I also have this problem with my Nokia E61i. But after Blueman connected with my phone, I can run the command line (pon) to make internet connection work.

Giorgio Leuzzi (giorgio-leuzzi) wrote :

Same problem with Fedora 12 and a Nokia 6822. I have installed Blueman from repository. The bluetooth connection works (I can browse the device), but when I try a dial-up connection, it fails, saying: 'Device added successfully but failed to connect'. In the error window, a message appears: 'Connection failed: Modem Manager did not support the connection'. The same phone connects and I can use GPRS in Fedora 10, defining it as a ppp0 modem in Network Device Control. Any suggestion? Thank you

alien (chminq) wrote :

Me too,the error says"The device Alien does not appear to support GSM/CDMA.
This connection will not work."Can anyone give some solution to solve the problem?

zybernav (guybrush115) wrote :

I also have this problem with my Nokia E61i. I cannot connect from Network Manager (The name of GPRS provider is shown correctly but I cannot go anywhere) but I still can connect from old-fashioned commandline.

Checked with /etc/resolv.conf and found that the DNS addresses are different between connection via command line and via Network Manager.

MrAnt (mrant0) wrote :

I am experiencing the same problem on Ubuntu 9.10 and a Blackberry Curve 9700 on T-Mobile. I have been struggling to get bluetooth DUN working and have gone so far as to install the PPA versions of both blueman and network manager, but this did not help the situation. I stumbled across this guide:

And was successful in getting bluetooth DUN functional from the command line using pon and poff.

Based on the output from /var/log/syslog, it looks like blueman configured with builtin ppp support performs a very similar set of actions, but does not seem to be configured properly for my DUN settings.

I am very happy that the problem is not my phone, and that I am able to get DUN working at all, but I would really like to integrate the functionality into blueman, and network manager if possible.


Andreas (andreas-papst) wrote :


I've a similar problem with my Nolia 5800 XM

I'm using Ubuntu Karmic Koala, latest patches deployed with
"Blueman 1.10"

If I try to connect the DUN-Service
this error message is shown:
CDMA or GSM not supported

The device Nokia 5800 XpressMusic does not appear to support GSM/CDMA.
This connection will not work.
When disconnecting and connecting again to DUN this message does not show up again.
It does only after reboot the first time trying to connect to DUN.

The solution in
# apt-get remove blueman
# updatedb
# locate blueman| xargs rm -rf
# service dbus reload
# reload dbus
# apt-get install blueman
does not help!

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