Comment 9 for bug 458091

Uwe Koch (uwe-koch) wrote :

Output follows, on the second PC:

uwe@bulling-vlp01:~$ sudo bluetoothd -nd
[sudo] password for uwe:
bluetoothd[9181]: Bluetooth daemon 4.39
bluetoothd[9181]: Enabling debug information
bluetoothd[9181]: parsing main.conf
bluetoothd[9181]: discovto=0
bluetoothd[9181]: pairto=0
bluetoothd[9181]: pageto=8192
bluetoothd[9181]: name=%h-%d
bluetoothd[9181]: class=0x000100
bluetoothd[9181]: discov_interval=0
bluetoothd[9181]: Key file does not have key 'DeviceID'
bluetoothd[9181]: Unable to get on D-Bus