A2DP doesn't automatically configure when service connects

Bug #350479 reported by DanielRoesler on 2009-03-28
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When you successfully connect to an A2DP service (headphones, gateways, etc.), your audio does not automatically route to those devices. In fact, they do not even show up as sinks for the PulseAudio Device Chooser. It would be nice to automatically add config options so they can be easily switched to.

DanielRoesler (diafygi) on 2009-03-28
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Valmantas Palikša (walmis) wrote :

Added as an applet plugin in SVN. It will automatically load the pulseaudio module-bluetooth-device with proper parameters with pactl after successful connection.

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I can't using my bluetooth stereo headset Plantronics 590 in Jaunty 9.04 rc with Blueman 1.10
I make all steps, described in notes - pair device with blueman, enable using plugin PulseAudio. After trying "Connect A2DP Services" I see "Success" as result, but new audio device didn't appear in padevchooser, also in logs has some errors:

bluetoothd[5231]: link_key_request (sba=00:1A:7D:0A:B7:BB, dba=00:19:7F:1B:EA:E2)
kernel: [ 4480.154486] input: 00:19:7F:1B:EA:E2 as /devices/virtual/input/input23
pulseaudio[4118]: module-bluetooth-device.c: BT_GET_CAPABILITIES failed : Input/output error(5)
pulseaudio[4118]: module-bluetooth-device.c: Failed to expect for GETCAPABILITIES_RSP
torba pulseaudio[4118]: module-bluetooth-device.c: Failed to get device capabilities
torba pulseaudio[4118]: module.c: Failed to load module "module-bluetooth-device" (argument: "address=00:19:7F:1B:EA:E2 profile=a2dp"): initialization failed.

Does needs some changes in ~/.asoundrc? Does it need more?

Valmantas Palikša (walmis) wrote :

Try pulseaudio 0.9.15, the ubuntu stock one didn't work for me also

Oleg Yermakov (epushiron) wrote :

Just to mention there's a PPA with Pulseaudio 0.9.15:


Uwe Klatt (uweklatt) wrote :


I tried pulseaudio 0.9.15 + blueman 1.1 with Ubuntu 9.04.

When connecting to a2dp device following error shows up in syslog:

May 11 17:43:31 uwe-laptop bluetoothd[2690]: link_key_request (sba=00:16:CF:ED:xx:xx, dba=00:0D:18:A0:xx:xx)
May 11 17:43:32 uwe-laptop bluetoothd[2690]: Can't open input device: No such file or directory (2)
May 11 17:43:32 uwe-laptop bluetoothd[2690]: AVRCP: failed to init uinput for 00:0D:18:A0:xx:xx


Uwe Klatt (uweklatt) wrote :

Hello again,

after "modprobe uinput" no more errors in syslog:

May 11 18:19:09 uwe-laptop bluetoothd[2688]: link_key_request (sba=00:16:CF:ED:C3:64, dba=00:0D:18:A0:48:22)
May 11 18:19:10 uwe-laptop kernel: [ 123.153285] input: 00:0D:18:A0:48:22 as /devices/virtual/input/input11

but an a2dp-device doesn't show up in pulseaudio 8-(


Joel Berger (joel-a-berger) wrote :

confirmed here, same log messages too.

I notice that on the blueman website it says that the pulseaudio plugin is disabled by default. Is there something that needs to be done to enable it?

Valmantas Palikša (walmis) wrote :

You can enable it in plugin manager, tray icon -> about -> plugins

Uwe Klatt (uweklatt) wrote :

OK, I enabled the pulseaudio plugin but it makes no difference.
No additional sink shows up.


Gerad Munsch (unforgiven512) wrote :

I've enabled the PulseAudio plugin as well.

No luck.

Here are my syslog messages.

May 13 16:47:12 delta-9-thc bluetoothd[2498]: link_key_request (sba=00:15:83:15:A2:B9, dba=00:02:78:DC:ED:21)
May 13 16:47:14 delta-9-thc kernel: [54768.702015] input: 00:02:78:DC:ED:21 as /devices/virtual/input/input9
May 13 16:47:17 delta-9-thc pulseaudio[4012]: module.c: Failed to open module "module-bluetooth-device": file not found

Gerad Munsch (unforgiven512) wrote :

From what I've been reading, I think the issue may be that the version of PulseAudio in the PPA at https://launchpad.net/~themuso/+archive/ppa are not compiled with bluetooth support, due to the module not being found.

Matthew (tigger-outgun) wrote :

I was having the same problem. I found you need to install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth.

Igor Gomes (igorgomes) wrote :

Exactly. After that, everything working as expected!


Igor Gomes (igorgomes) wrote :

BTW: I'm using Blueman instead of the default bluetooth stack.

Igor Gomes

Valmantas Palikša (walmis) wrote :

FYI Blueman is not a stack, it's actually on the very top of the stack. I've noticed some people have this misconception.
The "stack" looks something like this:

Bluetooth device
Bluez daemon
Blueman, gnome-bluetooth, etc.

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