Clean Firefox non-default profile locations

Bug #1006691 reported by Andrew Ziem on 2012-05-31

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Andrew Ziem

Bug Description

Firefox allows multiple profiles and profiles in weird locations.

Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) on 2013-01-02
Changed in bleachbit:
milestone: 1.0.0 → 0.10.0
SamioSeven (zefiro75) wrote :

On Linx, latest mozilla Firefox versions' Aurora and Nightly moved ( or replicated ) the cache location ( or part of the profile ) on ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/ subdir
es. ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/firefox.aurora , ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/firefox.nightly , ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/firefox.default

Should I fill a new bug / feature request?

I think this may be the right place.


kngharv (kngharv) wrote :

for Thunderbird, there is a profile.ini file which bleachbit can parse and generate thunderbird.xml file from it. I don't know if this holds for Firefox.

Changed in bleachbit:
status: Triaged → Invalid
SamioSeven (zefiro75) wrote :

I think this is a new behavior of Firefox, not only a standard location found on profile.ini. This for linux ubuntu 12.04 and Firefox > 20.0 ( beta, alpha, nightly )

You may check.

I have tried standard firefox ( 20.0 ) and unstable one ( beta, aurora, nightly ), unstable versions are not intercepted by bleachbit 0.9.5.


Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) on 2013-05-22
Changed in bleachbit:
status: Invalid → Triaged
Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) on 2013-06-12
Changed in bleachbit:
milestone: 0.10.0 → 1.1
Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) on 2014-05-15
Changed in bleachbit:
milestone: 1.2 → 1.4
Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) on 2014-08-08
Changed in bleachbit:
milestone: 1.4 → 1.6
Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) on 2014-10-29
Changed in bleachbit:
milestone: 1.6 → 1.8
Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) on 2015-04-07
Changed in bleachbit:
milestone: 1.8 → 1.10
Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) on 2015-11-27
Changed in bleachbit:
milestone: 1.10 → 1.12
Changed in bleachbit:
importance: Medium → High
Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) wrote :

I wish I could always fix all the bugs, but I am rescheduling because there are already 24 fixes ready for BleachBit version 1.12, so I do not want to delay the fixes that are ready.

Changed in bleachbit:
milestone: 1.12 → 1.4
milestone: 1.4 → 1.14
Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) on 2017-09-01
Changed in bleachbit:
milestone: 2.0 → 2.2
user1033 (user1033) wrote :

Could this be fixed any time soon? At least before June 2018?
Firefox 57, scheduled for this November, is dropping support for XUL/XPCOM add-ons, which means a lot of people will switch to Pale Moon, Waterfox, etc.

Also related bug #797995.

Mélodie (meets) wrote :


I come here to add my contribution : I use Firefox 56.0 (64 bits) on Ubuntu Xenial and Bleachbit 1.10. While cleaning as simple user, I get this message related to Firefox sqlite databases:

"Error in execution of <bleachbit.Command.Function instance at 0x7fd54f432050>
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/", line 84, in execute
    for ret in cmd.execute(self.really_delete):
  File "/usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/", line 146, in execute
  File "/usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/", line 739, in vacuum_sqlite3
    execute_sqlite3(path, 'vacuum')
  File "/usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/", line 300, in execute_sqlite3
    conn = sqlite3.connect(path)"

I don't code and know nothing about the python langage. I can just tell you what command line I use to compress the databases in Firefox, in case it gives you an idea how to fix it in Bleachbit?

Here is what I do:

"for f in ~/.mozilla/firefox/8t9yu907.default/*.sqlite; do sqlite3 $f "vacuum;"; done"

here are all the files ending with ".sqlite" in my profile:

$ find .mozilla/firefox/ -name "*.sqlite"
thank you for the work of developing this excellent tool you do!


Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) wrote :


The issue about SQLite issue needs its own ticket because it is confusing to discussing it in this rather-unrelated thread. If you see this with BleachBit version 1.17 or later, please file an issue in GitHub using the link here

Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) wrote :

Commit 6c50dd2673bba9c5980f8d454673c2a38bb7c534 cleans all profiles under ~/.mozilla/firefox , and a future version will delete profiles listed in the file ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini

Changed in bleachbit:
status: Triaged → Fix Committed
Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) wrote :

P.S., this commit also makes it easy to add any profile directory by adding one line in firefox.xml

Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) on 2019-03-12
Changed in bleachbit:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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