Comment 3 for bug 1684997

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit a29e120965aa9fd148a9ffdafa99f74f4f33756b
Author: Arun Kant <email address hidden>
Date: Fri Apr 21 10:46:58 2017 -0700

    Making iv generation configurable for pkcs11 plugin

    Added configuration flag to enable or disable iv generation as part of
    pkcs11 plugin logic.

    In setup where HSM do not have FIPS enabled, in that case pkcs11 plugin
    is expected to provide iv (initialization vector) for encrypt call. In
    setup where HSM with FIPS enabled, HSM is going to generate iv and do
    not need it from plugin side. So logic is updated to generate iv and
    read returned data accordignly.

    By default, flag is kept false to match existing behavior.

    Closes-Bug: #1684997

    Change-Id: Ic18d86861a3e51a4370f14c8f7eb39b3f30db2dc