Comment 6 for bug 396268

On Thursday 22,October,2009 01:22 AM, Hamish Downer wrote:
> Just tried banshee in a fresh user account, and it worked fine, so why
> won't it work for me when I move the database around ...
Something in gconf perhaps? Or perhaps migration from old Banshee settings?

Old settings:
Gconf: /apps/banshee
Files: ~/.config/banshee

New settings:
Gconf: /apps/banshee-1
Files: ~/.config/banshee-1

If you're interested in just clearing up the issue, `gconftool-2
--recursive-unset /apps/banshee /apps/banshee-1`. Otherwise, it would be
interesting to see what's in your ~/.gconf/apps/{banshee,banshee-1} directories
for debugging purposes.

It would be even better if you messed around with the settings using
gconf-editor and figured out the setting at fault. =)

Kind regards,
Chow Loong Jin (GPG: 0x8F02A411)
Ubuntu Contributing Developer