Comment 44 for bug 396268

Patrick Scott (patrickscott52) wrote :

In my case CPU usage jumps to an average to 60 - 90 percent usage on both cores in the Gnome System Monitor "Resource" tab as soon as Banshee is started on 11.04. What is interesting though, is that on the Process tab of the System Monitor, Banshee registers as only using 1 - 5 percent. Also when I close Banshee, the CPU usage does not drop, the only way to bring down my CPU is to Shut down the system, however, when I do this I get a "File Manager" is not responding dialog. In my case it seems that Banshee isn't playing nice with nautilus on natty, one thing of note is that I have my music stored in a separate ntfs partition and not in the home directory.

Ubuntu "Natty" Beta 2 - 11.04 (x64 bit) - Banshee 2.0