Comment 18 for bug 396268

On Saturday 09,January,2010 01:20 AM, Alistair Buxton wrote:
> I do not use any encrypted FS. I can understand that SQLite is resource
> hungry but what about when it is just iconfied and playing an MP3?
It shouldn't take too much CPU usage in that kind of situation, especially
because there are presumably no SQLite things going on at that time. Could you
try running Banshee in a clean user account to see if the issue persists? (Or
purge all your banshee configuration, as mentioned earlier in this bug report).
On my system, it only consumes around ~2% of an Intel Core 2 Duo and ~5% on a
Pentium 4 CPU for playing music, which I think is quite reasonable. How is the
CPU usage on your computer?

There is a slight CPU usage spike when switching songs, but that should be about it.

Those who do have an issue with CPU usage, please try identifying if it could be
a library issue or some other configuration problem. Also please test with
Banshee 1.5.2 from the Banshee Team PPA[1] and the daily git builds of Banshee
in the Banshee daily PPA[2].


Kind regards,
Chow Loong Jin (GPG: 0x8F02A411)
Ubuntu Contributing Developer