Comment 11 for bug 396268

Hamish Downer (mishd) wrote :

OK, it's definitely the podcast extension in my case. If I disable it then banshee is nice and snappy. But when it is on, jumping around within the podcast functionality causes 100% cpu for a bit. When it is on, jumping around in other bits is quite fast actually, but as I generally use the podcast stuff that would be why it seems slow.

Changing the view from (New Items AND All Items AND All Podcasts) to (New Items AND Downloaded AND All Podcasts) is one of the key slow operations. But given that (New Items AND All Items AND All Podcasts) is generating a list view with 1700 items, I guess this could explain the slowness ...

Is there anyway to add something like 'Show last 100' / 'Show all' option to avoid making such a big list?

Just a note about my usage - I only download a fraction of the podcasts, but I like to have them there and see what topics are covered so I can decide which ones to download. Is this a reasonable use case, or will I have to remove the podcasts that I only listen to the occasional episode of?