Comment 30 for bug 84958

You are right dankegel. It shouldn't be like this. But it is _on topic_. The clutter of the wine-desktop-links is what this bug is about. I guess most developpers won't have the patience of jhansonxi to argue and would just put the bug on 'wont fix'. You don't have to unsubscribe. This is my last comment on this bug-report.

I've tried making a case for a clean menu. But i never actually get the feeling my argument got accross. I keep getting technical explenations of stuff I already understand. Which to me seems completely irrelevant.

Steps to reproduce:
 - install wine
 - installing firefox, java and windows-media-player on wine.
 - you end up with a [firefox launcher, a java configuration tool, a java update tool] in the wine menu
 - in the system -> confiugration menu you end up with a [a wine configuration tool, java configuration tool]
 - you already had a firefox link in the internet menu

Now ask this theoretical user the following questions:
  - which java configuration tools configures which java and affects which browsers?
  - what is the difference between the two firefoxes?
  - why does a .wmv correctly open in applications -> tools -> Wine File Browser?
  - why does the same .wmv not correctly open when you open it from your home-folder?
  - if you go to applications -> system -> software uninstaller .. which of the two firefoxes do you uninstall?
  - if you go to applications -> add/remove .. which of the two firefoxes do you uninstall?

Would the user be less confused if all wine stuff was in the same menu? I think so.
And if you do not, you are free to just put it on 'wont fix'.

But please don't come with techincal reasons, analogies with java or how wine is just a document-viewer.
You also don't have to educate me about the technical details. I am quite aware of why it is, like it is. (I work as linux system administrator, and install ubuntu on about 30+ different workplaces of about 5 different clients of mine, not counting the servers).