Comment 52 for bug 82927

> Can people confirm that this is still happening? I haven't had this for a while.

Is still have the problem with manually configured PPP links. NM doesn't detect when this link is online and has created a default route. This causes important applications like Epiphany, Evolution, GAIM^W Pidgin, ... to stay in offline mode. Very annoying. I have to configure my PPP link by hand, as I need a custom chatscript to connect to my UMTS based ISP.

Possible work arround for me: Provide some DBus interface for letting ip-up/ip-down scripts report the online status of manually configured devices. Would be some kind of hack, but that short term solution would drop alot of announces NM currently cause. Additionally such an interface would have the advantage of being able to extend NM to support for instance UMTS links by using a more reasonable language than C: Configuring an UMTS modem involves alot of string processing. C definitly is not the right language for such stuff.