Comment 26 for bug 82927

I googled "feisty fawn network manager" and it brought me here. Reading the dialog above, I think my comments might be relevant. I too am totally frustrated with Network Manager. It converts a static IP to the zero configure IP of 169.x.x.x the instant the NIC patch cable is disconnected. Details:
In a network communications class, I use a live CD PC to simply ping another. (My focus is on Cisco switch configuration.) Boot Feisty Fawn Herd 5 LiveCD. Use the GUI to set IP on eth0 to Repeat with other PC to All works well. I disconnect cable temporarily and Network Manager reconfigures eth0 to 169.x.x.x. I then attempt to use the Network Manager to change this and get the same result.
I see many posts noting goofy results with NM. Works like its Alpha level code. Should Ubuntu wait until this thing is ready for prime time?