Comment 2 for bug 3339

My apologies Jeroen, I should have tried to show what it looks like.

(this is a shot from the boot CD's grub but it is very similar to the default grub screen after installation other than the options at right)

The gecko head on the left has a circular group of dots around it. These dots disappear in a clockwise fashion as a counter beneath the gecko head counts down towards 0.

The list of options at the right scrolls up and down to make non visible options available and the highlight bar is actually slightly transparent (not clear on this screenshot but if you have a picture of a house as the backdrop then it more obvious).

Pressing the F1 pops up little dialog window (complete with titlebar) which can scroll text up and down. I'm fairly sure F2 does something similar but I would have to reboot to check. F3 opens a line below the list of options on the right and allows you to edit grub options for the selected option (although there is no tab complete).

Pressing escape pops up a dialog saying that it will fall back to the default grub. Pressing OK on that window shows a grub more similar to that of Ubuntu's.

Alas I cannot find a picture of Ubuntu's grub to contrast it with. All the shots I have found are from the boot CD which is not the same as the meny that appears after you finish an install.