Comment 16 for bug 3339


1) So if users want this feature, do they have any other option than to actually make a feature request? I don't think so.

2) According to the new brainstorm page, this feature is in high demand:

3) The assurance you seek is allegedly impossible to achieve and yet other distributions have had this feature for a long time.

4) Without actually trying to use the available code/patches in a pilot programme, a test programme, like the one with NM 0.7, you won't get any feedback and bug reports, so that the alleged problems could be sorted out by paid-for Canonical employees if everyone else is for some reason unwilling to do this because of one reason or another. I think a nice boot menu is long overdue.

5) Of course, stable Ubuntu editions don't display the menu (currently Hardy devel gives 10 seconds of timeout though), but it would be *nice* to have this anyway. Ubuntu users dualboot, tripleboot and having a nice boot menu would be, again, *nice* both for brand recognition and overall polished feel. Sure it's no high priority, but it would be *nice*.