Comment 2 for bug 61185

I am talking about .rar files. And in my tests, any type will do, single rars, or split rar (files packed in multiple parts)

Al you have to do to reconstruct the event is open a .rar that is not complete. What I did to test was pack some files, upload them to an ftp, download them, and abort the download before it was completed.

When you click the archive, file roller opens, when you unpack it, file roller asks for a password. and again, and again..
I guess you could use this file to test, abort the download before it's complete : (1,97Mb)

PS: I just tested, and you are right, when this happens to a .zip file, you get an error, alto the error does not say anything about a corrupt archive, it says the file might be part of a multi file archive. Perhaps room for improvement on that.

PPS: I'm on edgy; but had the issue on dapper 2.