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Bug #226163 reported by Jeece on 2008-05-03
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avidemux (Baltix)
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Bug Description

Binary package hint: avidemux

1) Ubuntu release : 8.04

2) Package version :
avidemux 1:2.4.1-0.0ubuntu1

3) I expected Avidemux to be able to open ogg media files to work with them.

4) The problem :

Impossible to open ogg files with Avidemux.
ogg files = theora video stream + vorbis audio stream

When opening ogg media file 2 error windows rise:

First: "Echec ouverture de « /home/jeece/Desktop/out.ogg » !"
Second : "Ne peut ouvrir le fichier"

Well in english it must be

First: "Failure/Error while opening « /home/jeece/Desktop/out.ogg » !"
Second : "Can't open the file"

See first attachement with avidemux log when opening it from a terminal emulator.

5) What I tried.

I reseted the avidemux configuration by deleting the folder ~/.avidemux → same error
I installed the package vorbis-tools → same error

I know the Avidemux package provided by getdeb.net was able to open ogg media files. This package is the same version (2.4.1) and I installed it on Ubuntu release 7.10.

Jeece (caronjc) wrote :
Maia Everett (lucidfox) wrote :

I agree, Avidemux should have support for Ogg and Theora.

This has been reported upstream: http://bugs.avidemux.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=427

Changed in avidemux:
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
status: New → Triaged
Jeece (caronjc) wrote :

Well. I think Avidemux is not able to open ogm files.
I was sure to use it 2 weeks ago for encoding an ogm screencast to avi ( Xvid Mp3) but I reinstalled Ubuntu 7.10 + Avidemux 2.4.1 from getdeb.net and for the moment I'm not able to open an ogm file.

I suppose I used another program for the conversion. Well I need to stop working on video @ 6 PM without having sleeping the previous nigth.

Anyway. We need support for opening ogm files with Avidemux wich is a great tool.

From: http://bugs.avidemux.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=427

Comment by mean (mean) - Sunday, 22 June 2008, 09:29 GMT-4
Ogg video are not supported at the moment, only OGM
Comment by mean (mean) - Sunday, 22 June 2008, 09:50 GMT-4
Please open another as a feature request : Ogg video support :)

Philippe Coval (rzr) wrote :

This is an annoying feature for freedom lovers

BTW, I wish we can use a ogm muxer to do lossless conversion, but gstreamer does not provide some ...
Any hints ?

Philippe Coval (rzr) wrote :

Note that the bug is also reported at :

FS#486 - Support for ogv container & it's associated codecs Theora & Dirac

you can vote for it if you think it worth it

ps: LP doesnt support http://flyspray.org/ yet


David Robert Lewis (afrodeity) wrote :

Avidemux is the only FOSS programme that provides support for subtitles. I need to put subtitles on an ogg video and now I am stuck. Oh dear, somebody please help Ubuntu-ographers.

onny (onny) wrote :

Theora support would be awesome!

WebNuLL (babciastefa) wrote :

Today i tried to convert theora to other codec beacause there are problems with theora in kdenlive..

WebNuLL (babciastefa) wrote :

Please add support for ogg vorbis/theora to Avidemux.

onny (onny) wrote :

It seems that there's no progress on this bug, even tough ogg theora became very popular (natively supported in mozilla firefox). I really would like to see this feature!

Xwarman (xwarman) wrote :

Me too. I'll still wondering why avidemux it won't support since years... :-(

Rick C. Hodgin (rick-c-hodgin) wrote :

If there's a bounty for this, I'll code it.

onny (onny) wrote :

@rick-c-hodgin: I'm willing to give you my last 0.9 bitcoins for solving this bug. It should be at least worth 100$ :)

Rick C. Hodgin (rick-c-hodgin) wrote :

I have a similar unrelated project I'm working on. When it comes time to include OGG support I'll see what's involved with providing that functionality here as well. Avidemux is a tool that's been a dear friend of mine for some time. Would be nice to contribute something back.

This is still unresolved.

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