Comment 57 for bug 44874

Markus Schlager (m-slg) wrote :

I'm experiencing a problem maybe related to this, but with nfs-shares (running up-to-date dapper):

     zweistein:/home /home nfs auto,nolock,tcp 0 0

This share get's mounted successfully at boot, but it doesn't show up neither in /etc/mtab nor running 'mount -l'.

Trying to run 'sudo mount -a' gives me an error:
     mount: zweistein:/home already mounted or /home busy

'sudo mount -o remount /home' doesn't change anything.
I have to run 'sudo umount /home; sudo mount /home' to get things right.

One point I found:
There isn't any link pointing to /etc/init.d/ in any of /etc/rc?.d/