Comment 33 for bug 441678

Ray (ray-poweredbytoast) wrote :

This is a good video editor, but doesn't it depend directly on ffmpeg? Since ffmpeg is a cease-and-desist waiting to happen (and that's why we love it) that would make it so it couldn't be included on the actual install disc. Most Gnome programs deal with that by using gstreamer for encoding/decoding so that there is a layer of seperation betweent the two. But openshot has the complete removal of all gstreamer code as a "High" priority on their Todo list.

... Plus, like Dorian, I don't like the image-buttons... they really clash with the rest of Ubuntu. (Stock buttons were made for a reason.)

Those two reasons shouldn't bar it from being in the repositories, and I totally think this program should be included for Lucid. I'm just saying why I don't think it should be the default.