Better on screen keyboard toggle (put in bottom left)

Bug #991120 reported by ijk on 2012-04-29
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Bug Description

When using a touch screen (on a joggler) one of the things I find myself doing a lot is toggling the keyboard.
With Florence on oneiric I have to hit the icon precisely - which is unreliable on a small screen.
With onboard in precise I have to select an option from a drop down indicator - which is nice and consistent with the indicators - but horrible from a usability point of view - it's too slow a maneuver).

Things would be more usable if the toggle was where the Trash is - It's a bigger target in a predictable place.

 With the trash icon one above from where it is some of the usability could be preserved by putting in a virtual pointer barrier (see #990902) Either:
 between the pointer between the trash and the keyboard icon, but only when you're dragging something the trash recognizes as disposable - so you can still use the trash quickly by flinging things against the left edge of the screen.
or an angle that actually crosses the trash icon so it funnels the pointer from the bottom edge too. This could be made visible.
This is based on the assumption that dragging things to the keyboard icon is never used. (It could be a [bad] metaphor for printing a document, sending as an attachment, or feeding a document into a TTS engine. - these things would all be better handled by making the indicator icons have d&d functionality, and having them grow to a useful size (and possibly spread around the screen) when an icon is dragged.

The keyboard icon should default to being visible at full size (not getting squashed, rolling back onto the screen like the home button does when the launcher looses focus).

The new keyboard icon could be overloaded/combined as a keyboard layout selector, and as a general input-type-functions centre (paste mode mice without a 3rd button, right click mode for single button mice, eye tracking modes, dasher, whatever.)
I'd use an icon of a hand grasping a keyboard, or whatever the input /thing/ is to communicate the idea of a tangible input.

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