Comment 7 for bug 882274

Tal Liron (emblem-parade) wrote :


I'm going to take the dev teams (and Mark Shuttleworth) at face value: if they say a bug will not be fixed because it's a "design decision," then I believe them. Why shouldn't I? I do not think they are "hiding" behind it. Hiding from what, exactly? They obviously do have a coherent, evolving vision, and it's great to see the Ubuntu desktop becoming more coherent and integrated with every release. The specific bug in this case is that the community is not involved in this process.

The community is composed of mostly reasonable people. Really, we would totally understand an argument for why a bug cannot be fixed. But, we're not getting an argument! We're getting curt, even rude dismissal.

Not only we reasonable, we are biased fans, predisposed to agree with and support Ubuntu, to defend it against detractors, and to patiently wait for fixes and features to arrive. We've been doing this for years, after all! And its not just for Unity. It goes for all Ubuntu-related projects.

Again and again we hear from fans that they are having difficulty converting people to Ubuntu. This is a very serious, and fixable issue. It's really quite simple: if the dev teams *clearly* told us why they won't fix certain issues, and *clearly* told us where they are heading in the future, we would very likely agree, and we would be able to disseminate these arguments widely. We want to help: please use us!