Comment 31 for bug 882274

Em 30-10-2011 11:15, Mark Shuttleworth escreveu:
> More importantly, if any given decision that has both proponents and
> detractors can turn into an endless will-won't-should-shouldn't
> mailfest, and if the only resolution of that dynamic is to add an option
> to keep both sides happy, we WILL FAIL in the same way that GNOME and
> KDE have failed to make a difference in the consumer world. And that's
> what I'm working for, I'm not working for those who want to have very
> possibility in their UI; as far as I'm concerned, most of them already
> have vastly more options and vastly more choice than the average human
> being. I'm working for everyone else, and I want to work with other
> people who care about that mission.
Is this mission documented anywhere? I didn't know it until now...