Comment 108 for bug 882274

I think Mark's general undertone of comments like "Unity was not developed for the Ubuntu community of today, it was developed with love for the Ubuntu community of the future. You're invited to that community, but not required to join it" and his dogged unwillingness in this bug thread to accept that there are any problems with general community engagement and transparency only serves to reinforce Tal's point(s).

Personally I like Unity, but I do take issue with the way Canonical seems to dismiss its users. The 'my way or the highway' attitude that Mr Shuttleworth has displayed towards anyone who raises questions about Unity (and to a lesser extent the Ubuntu community as a whole) is at the very least insulting. Disregarding any portion of the 20 million you (claim) to have, for the promise of a theoretical 180 million seems to me a be a very dangerous game to play for a fledgling company.