Comment 100 for bug 882274

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 06:24:43PM -0000, Sebastien Bacher wrote:
>Nobody is denying that there are requests for those changes, but you can
>find lot of users requesting any change and often a non trivial number
>of users with a different or conflicting opinion ;-) Reality is that
>people are different and you can't just please everybody

You're absolutely right: You can't always please everybody; you have to
prioritize. What worries me is that Mark Shuttleworth has stated, fairly
explicitly, that Ubuntu users are not a priority:

>>Speaking of usability tests:
>> I see at least two problems regarding the community and communication within
>> the usability tests:
>> 1. No ubuntu user was included. Only 13 Windows users, 1 Mac user and 1 user
>> who uses both Windows and MacOSX.
>> --> Unity is in fact not developed for the ubuntu community.
>Ubuntu aims to deliver "Linux for Human Beings". On that basis, the
>selection of test subjects is entirely appropriate.
>We have about 20 million users today. We want 200 million users by 2014.
>The extra 180 million users are not in the Ubuntu community today, so
>you can in a sense say that it's true - Unity was not developed for the
>Ubuntu community of today, it was developed with love for the Ubuntu
>community of the future.

That's so brain-damaged that I'm still in denial about it, despite my own
bad experiences, and despite the words being right there for all to see.
How could anyone think it's possible to develop a great interface without
actually paying close attention to the people who spend countless *weeks*
actually using it? It doesn't make any sense.