Comment 10 for bug 870404

mattubu (mattubu) wrote :

Yup my system is totally upgraded. I updated yesterday before posting, and again today. I even got a unity update (4.0.4), but the issue isn't fixed after a reboot. I'm fetching from oneiric-backports though, if that is of any help.

I wonder if some third-party app is causing the inconsistency? Or something from the upgrade from Natty? (I know those aren't very helpful suggestions at all but I have no better ideas...).

I have another problem with bad focusing as well though I'm not sure if I should file a separate bug report for it. After rebooting, the dash search cursor blinks, but I am unable to type anything or even press "escape" to close the dash. It can only be closed from the keyboard by pressing the super key (as far as I can tell). I'll reboot again and check if mouse input works...