Comment 30 for bug 855532

JP Vossen (jp-jpsdomain) wrote :

I disagree with "If screen size is smaller than 1024*768, the shortcut window should not be displayed" because I just spent about half an hour tring to figure out why I don't get the overlay on my Mini9 1024x600 screen.

Also, I have a VM that comes up as 800x600 or something silly because of a hardware KVM that reports wonky values, but auto-resizes (using VMware tools) to a useful size when I fiddle with it, and I don't get the overlay there either. I assume that's because it probably checks the screen size once and sets a flag, but that fails in this case, and may fail on a tablet or phone that changes "sizes" when rotated. OTOH, checking he scrren size every time SUPER is pressed is probably bad too. There must be a way to have a screen_resize event trigger, and change that flag...

If the screen really is too small at the moment:
Worst case, users should get an alternate overlay that says "Your screen must be at least 1024x768 for this feature to work."
Best case, users should get an alternate overlay that fits their screen.