Comment 5 for bug 837993

David Raid (davidraid) wrote :

Could an option just be added to CCSM to turn off the chameleonic feature of Dash? As cool as it changing colour to match the background image is, not everyone wants their, say, green background to force them to have a green launcher and Dash.

The best way to please everyone is to offer the choice, so that there is an option in CCSM to make the Dash and Launcher one colour again, black like it was in Natty. This would solve all usability issues in this bug.

It could even go one step further, allow the user to choose the colour manually in CCSM! Imagine, a mostly black wallpaper with a bit of green in it and the user could make the Dash and Launcher green as well, despite it not being the majority colour of the wallpaper.

I know when using the monochrome photo of buildings thats in the default wallpaper selection the Dash becomes annoyingly white. I'd love to have that back to black as it was in Natty when using such backgrounds.